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          Pencycuron is a commonly used pesticide for controlling rice crop diseases in China. It is a new type of phenylurea non-systemic fungicide with long-lasting protective effect and long-lasting effect on the control of Rhizoctonia. The disease has a specific activity, is low in toxicity to mammals, is harmless to the environment, and is highly safe to the user. Pencycuron is particularly effective against economically important crop diseases caused by Rhizoctonia solani. The agent adheres easily to the surface of plant tissues and is easily absorbed by the hyphae of Rhizoctonia solani. It has a strong inhibitory effect on the growth of mycelium, resulting in a morphological disorder in the development of mycelium. It can be used to control various crop mites and seed-borne diseases caused by Rhizoctonia solani, such as Sasaki sylvestris, sugar beet leaf rot and root rot on rice, Rhizoctonia solani, rice sheath blight , stalk stalk rot, potato black smut, etc., because the drug is not effective against other soil parasites such as Pythium and Fusarium, it is recommended to mix with other fungicides such as Kezhen powder, Pedan and other pesticides.


          Product name

          Structural formula

          Chemical Name


          CAS No.: 66063-05-6

          Molecular formula: C19H21ClN2O



          92% Pencycuron TECH's Item / Index:



          Tricyclazole TECH content %


          Moisture %


          Melting point



          Off-white powder


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